a passport to explore the rest of our planet

There are few activities left these days that allows one the ability to be an explorer of new worlds, discoverer of new species, or to experience weightlessness in an environment that only a select few people on earth will ever see. Whether it is diving beneath the surface of a lake, quarry, or river inland or a reef, kelp forest, or turquoise waters of the vast oceans, scuba diving is a sport that will bring you closer to knowing what it is truly like to be part of an alien world than any other experience your likely to encounter.

It is an activity that has many facets - from a relaxing sport the family can do together to a challenging adventure into the realm of cave diving. It can provide the means to observe and interact with marine life to the excitement of high tech diving at extreme depths. In short it is an activity, with the proper training and equipment, that can be as challenging as you want it to be. ISC looks forward to being your choice to provide that training and equipment. 

 Our  Educational  Programs


Snorkeling Course:    (Designed for water surface enjoyment)

All students will become proficient in the use of the Snorkeling Vest, Mask, Snorkel, Fins along with general snorkeling skills.

  1.  Minimum age 6
  2.  Medical and Liability Release Form


Basic Open Water    

(The entry level course for beginning scuba divers)  

The fundamental principles of theory and diving skills are taught to the prospective divers. 


Advanced Diver Course 

(Introduces the diver to more advance underwater adventure)

In this course the student will be introduced to Deep Diving, Night Diving, Advanced Compass and Natural Navigation and Basic Rescues skills.


Master Diver Course  

(Train in different specialty areas of diving)

This is part of the advanced educational program for sport divers.  The diver will be trained in Rescue Diver and four different specialty areas of diving along with CPR and First Aid certification.


Scuba Master Course    

(Continuation in the advanced education for the sport diver)

This is part of the advanced educational program for sport divers.  The diver will be trained in nine different specialty areas of diving in conjunction with Rescue Diver, CPR and First Aid certification.


Scuba Master Elite Course

(This is the final level of certification for non-professional sport divers)  

Part of the advanced educational program for sport divers.   For Scuba Master Elite the diver must be certified in Rescue Diver and fifteen different specialty areas of diving, CPR and First Aid certification required.


Divemaster Course 

(The IDEA professional divemaster training program) 

One of the most influential courses in the scuba industry.  This course is designed for the diver who is interested in working as a professional in the sport diving field.  Many organizations have a level of certification of Divemaster but the minimum requirements are not high enough to really qualify a diver to hold the title of professional divemaster.  IDEA is setting the pace in the industry by upgrading the dive master level to the professioanl level where it belongs.  A highly trained professional, who has experience and extensive training in handling dive site, activities, and groups of both novice and experienced sport divers. 



(Public Safety Diver Course)

This is not a specialty course, requires continuing education, and  is available only to  professional, reserve, and volunteer dive & rescue teams and their members.  Group and individual membership is available.


Assistant Instructor    

(The IDEA Professional Assistant Instructor program) 

There are many divers who would like to assist the professional diving instructor, but do not want to make diving instruction a career. The assistant instructor program has room for both, the career-minded assistant instructor and the amateur who wants to assist on weekends.  Assistant instructors may teach Skin Diving Classes.


Instructor Course    

The IDEA Professional Instructor Training Course (ITC)  

             Required Time / Three Weekends 

The ITC is one of the most elite Instructor Training programs in the Industry. The rating of instructor is awarded after meeting certain strict requirements and expectations during an ITC training program.  ITC candidate must be certified to the level of Divemaster or higher.  It is recommended (not required) candidates attain an Instructor Preparatory Course (IPC) before attaining an ITC.  A 4 year study shows that candidates who attend an IPC attain scores 15 - 20% higher with 99% of all candidates passing the ITC. Upon completion of the ITC the candidate will be awarded the prestigious rating of Open Water Instructor. 




 (ISC)  Courses Offered

Snorkeling / Skindiving Course 

Scuba Introduction

Basic Open Water Scuba Course

Advance Open Water Scuba Course

Rescue Diver Course

Master Diver Course

Scuba Master Course

Scuba Master Elite Course

Dive Master Course 

Public Safety Diver Course

Instructor Training Courses



Additional Specialty Instructor Ratings Offered

Skin Diving & Snorkeling Instructor

Open Water Instructor Course

Nitrox Instructor Course

Cavern Instructor Course

Master Open Water Instructor Course 

Instructor Trainer  


Additional Specialty Ratings Offered

Artifact Diving

Cavern/Cave Diver

Cold Water Diving

Coral Behavior

Coral Identification

Deep Diving Specialty

Dive Medic l & II

Drift Diving

Dry Suit Specialist

Dry Suit (Advance)


Fish Behavior

Fish Identification

High Altitude Diving

Low Visibility Specialist

Night Diving

Nitrox Specialist


Search & Recovery

Snorkeling (Getting into Shape)

Underwater Collector

Underwater Hunter  

Underwater Navigation  & (Advance)

Underwater Propulsion