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Reef ID Books Now Available In Digital Format

It is a rare diver or snorkeler you doesn't take an interest in wanting to know what underwater denizen they just saw. Our friends at New World Publications, for over two decades, have been offering the de facto series of reef identification books. For the fish watcher and the underwater photographer or videographer they are a must.
But for destinations requiring air travel saving weight or space in ones luggage can become an issue. That is why they have created digital copies of their most popular books.
Eliminate the weight and put their PDF eBooks on your phone, tablet or laptop and always have them with you. Perfect for cataloging your images while in the field!
(You will need to secure an Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions onto the computer or device you will be using the PDF eBooks on first. This is a one time download that can be read on up to six personal devices.)

Besides making editons available in a PDF format they have also created an Apple iBook of their most popular book Reef Fish Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas that has an additional 200 photos and 5 added species. It also includes an advanced thumbnail search feature for its 712 pages.
Please use the link below so our shop can get credit should you decide to purchase.



Two More Instructors Added

ISC is proud to announce the addition of two new instructors, Chuck Milam and Nathan Mitchell, to our ranks. They both recently completed training at ISC's Johnson City, TN facility. Both had been helping us for several years with classes before enrolling in the 2012-2013 Instructor Course.

They completed the requirements set not only by the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) and International Diving Educators Association (IDEA) but also those required by ISC to ensure there knowledge and skills are above those of a typical instructor.

Chuck's and Nathan's various theses and their accompanying presentations were stellar.

They are looking forward to introducing new clients to the joys of diving and we welcome them into our family of venerated instructors. 


ISC's Involvement in the Launch of the Newest ReadyDiver™ Program

Carol Cristini, owner and President of Insurance Management Service, Inc., recently announced the new ReadyDIver™ Sport Risk Management Course for the recreational diver. This announcement releases Mike Poe from his NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which precluded him from discussing his participation in this project, even with the other partners at “The Center”.

The Risk Management Program for Sport Divers took a team of fourteen contributors six months to develop. The new Sport Diver course joins the already popular ReadyDiver™ Pro course introduced in January of this year. ReadyDiver™Pro was targeted at introducing advanced risk management to the dive professional while the newest member, ReadyDiver™Sport, introduces the importance of managing risks to the recreational diver.

Steve Hale and Mike had attended the inaugural presentation of the ReadyDiver™ Pro Risk Management for Dive Professionals last year at DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) before it was launched online. 

Mike stated, “It is gratifying to see ISC being recognized as a leader in dive training to such an extent that we were asked to contribute to an important project such as this. This opportunity, along with International Diving Educators Association selecting us as one of their top training facilities nationwide, gives us satisfaction in knowing that our team of instructors are being recognized for their professionalism beyond the scope of our region.”         

Mike will be our resident ReadyDiver™ Pro for now but eventually all of our staff should become qualified to teach the course to clients preferring to take it in a classroom setting rather than the self-study course available online. 

“ISC prefers to constantly evaluate its training programs to analyze ways to create better divers as opposed to waiting to be ‘spoon fed’ some cookie cutter template that is designed to turn the most profit with the least amount of effort. The ReadyDiver program is just another tool we are able to utilize to reach our goal,” shared Mike.

Although ISC is proud that one of our own was chosen to be part of this development team our biggest reward comes from the fact we know our staff continues to turn out the most competent and confident divers around. We continue to be the alternative for those who being just good isn’t good enough. 


ISC Welcomes Two New Instructors

Dwain Rowe and Shannon Rowe recently completed their Instructor Training Course (ITC) through Steve Hale, Instructor Trainer / Evaluator with ISC. This husband and wife team are longtime friends of "The Center" and they bring years of experience to an already great staff. 

Their presentations on the various research topics given them were among the best we've seen. We expected no less, as both Dwain and Shannon have extensive medical backgrounds. Dwain is a retired Paramedic that now serves once again as Director of Wings Air Rescue and his wife Shannon is a Nurse Practitioner, FNP. As a result of these disciplines it is only natural that they will be heavily involved in our CPR / Dive Medic Courses as well.

Combined experience of our six instructors now exceeds 180 years of diving experience and thousands of accident free dives. More instructors will be added in the near future, as we have several candidates completing their prerequisites for one of the most demanding and challenging ITCs there is. Ours is not an ITC that can be completed in a week or a couple of weekends. We didn't receive recognition as a Scuba College from the International Diving Educators Association by offering instructor courses that can be completed in a couple of weekends. 



Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Last Friday's,  August 5th,  edition of "Science Friday" highlighted cephalopods - squids, cuttlefish and octopus.

Divers know that octopus can sometimes be elusive critters especially when a new diver wants to see one but this must see video might surprise you on just how well they can blend in with their surroundings. Not only do cephalopods have the ability to change colors and patterns but they can change texture as well making them truly masters of camouflage.

Dr. Roger Hanlon, marine biologist with Woods Hole , has captured some amazing videos over the years documenting this behavior.

So, that next dive when you get the feeling your being watched - it's probably just a cephalopod keeping an eye on you.

The video is from Science Friday's website with music credit to DjCode, video courtesy of Roger Hanlon and produced by Flora Lichtman