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These notices are provided to inform the diving public of defects in scuba equipment which could pose an unreasonable risk of injury. Efforts have been made to compile a list of recall notices pertaining to all scuba equipment manufacturers and not just those that we represent. Although we attempt to keep this list current one should not expect it to be all inclusive. Further details can be obtained by activating the link of the product listed. Most links redirect to notices located at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) where one can search for the most up-to-date information. Some notices may be for equipment that poses no immediate risk of injury and redirects to the manufacturer's site for further information. The consumer is responsible for verifying all information and securing specific information as to model and serial numbers affected from the CPSC or vendor.



Aeris - 1st stages AT400 & Balanced Diaphragm

Aqua Lung - Titan DIN 1st stage & Titan/Conshelf adapters

Aqua Lung - Apeks 2nd stages TX, ATX & XTX

Aqua Lung - Apeks Regulator Yoke Screw

Aqua Lung - ABS Octopus Exhaust Grid Replacement

Atomic Aquatics - T1, T1X, B1 & Z1 manufactured 5/99 - 10/99

Cressi sub - Cressi Ellipse Black MC5

H2Odyssey - Extra Air Source (E.A.S.)

Hollis - DC7 

Hollis -  Explorer Sport Rebreather

Oceanic - CDX 1st stage

Oceanic - 1st stages CDX5, FDX10, DXi, DX3, DX4 & TDX5

Poseidon - Cyklon 300

Scubapro - 2nd stage X650

Scubapro - 2nd stage G500

Scubapro - Mark VII & Pilot Mark VII

Scubapro - 1st stage MK20

Scubapro - 2nd stage 11-108-000, 12-103-000, & 12-010-000

Scubapro - Air 2 Alternate Inflation convertor kit for NON Scubapro BC's

Sherwood - Maximus SRB5600, SRB5600D2, & SR5600CE

Silent Diving Systems - Low pressure hoses on Inspiration, Evolution, & Evolution Plus

Tabata (TUSA) - 1st stage R-600 / RS-670

US Divers - 2nd stage Conshelf XII, Conshelf Supreme, Calypso J, Calypso IV, Aquarius, Octopus, & Hookah

Zeagle - 1st stages Flathead VI, 50D, Envoy, & DS IV 



Aeris - Atmos

Aeris - AW3 inflators

Amer-Sea - 90 degree power inflator

Aqua Lung - Apeks WTX power inflator

Aqua Lung - Powerline Airway Ribbed hose replacement

Aqua Lung - SureLock II Weight Pocket Handles

Aqua Lung - Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.)

Bare - Voodoo, Blackjack, Blackwing, & Curve

Cressi sub - J107, J113, J115, & J119

Dive Rite - Over pressure valves on Travel, Venture, Rec, Trek, Classic, Nomad, & Super Wings manufactured between Jun '06 to Oct '08

DUI (Diving Unlimited International) - Over pressure valves on both jacket & wing styles

Durapro - Cirrus, Stratus, Aruba, Slimline, & Resort

Edge / HOG - Over pressure valves on Freedom, Stealth 2, HOG 32 lb single tank wings made in China, & Edge 32, 38, & 58 lb wings.

Genesis - Cayman, Cobra, Athena, Phantom, Talon, & Recon

Greater Marine Systems - Ruby Duo Set, Impala Rigs

Halcyon - Stainless steel power inflators

Halcyon - Over pressure valves on Halcyon equipment including the Explorer, Eclipse, CCR35, Evolve, & Pioneer BCDs, surface marker buoys, lift bags, Diver Alert Surf Shuttle and lift raft inflatables

Halcyon - Explorer-40

Hughco - 90 degree power inflator

International Divers - Over pressure valves

Oceanic - Reliant inflators

OMS (Ocean Management Systems) - BC-TCPS-B, BC-TCPS-R, BC116-32B16 B, BC116-32R, BC-LGS4S, BC-LGS70, BC-115-KB, BC115-KR, BC118-K, BC 117-K45, BC117-K60, BC-117-KB, BC117-KR, BC116-45B, BC116-60B, BC116-60R, BC116-60C

OMS (Ocean Management Systems) - Buoyancy Control System Overpressure Valve (OPV)

OMS (Ocean Management Systems) - Part number V112 (BC valve cap)

Poseidon - Inner bladder Besa W50 Diving Wings

Ripe Tide - Over pressure valves

Sea Elite Systems - Scout & Profile

Scubapro - Air 2 Alternate Inflation regulator convertor kit on NON Scubapro BCs

Sherwood - Silhouette, Magnum, Avid, Luna, Outback, & Freedom

Steam Machines - Over pressure valves

Sub Gear - Blac Jac (2010 Black Model Only)

Sub Gear - Blac Jac XP (Safety Related Bulletin)



Aeris - EPIC

Atomic Aquatics - Cobalt (not a recall - firmware info)

Atomic Aquatics - Cobalt (recall involving some units)

Dacor - Darwin Air including console model

Hollis - DGO3

Liquivision - Rechargeable batteries & chargers

Mares - Guardian both hose & wrist mounts

Mares - M1

Mares - Nemo Air

Oceanic - ATOM 2.0

Oceanic - Versa Pro 2A

Oceanic - Datamax Pro Plus

ScubaPro - Aladin 2 (Aladin Square)

ScubaPro - Galileo SOL & Luna (Sold in US beginning 5/7/2015)

Suunto - D9 (Jul 19, 2006) & D6

Suunto - D9 (Dec 15, 2004)

Suunto - Vytec

TUSA - IQ-900 Zen & IQ-950 Zen Air (firmware updates - not a recall)

UWATEC - Smart PRO & Smart COM

UWATEC - ULine pressure gauges contained in Smart PRO, Pro ULTRA, & Sport PLUS

UWATEC - Aladin Air X NitrOx manufactured 1995



A-Plus Marine - High pressure rubber hoses

A-Plus Marine - High pressure braided hoses

Aqua Lung - Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.)

Aqua Lung - Youth Sport Diving Mask

Aqua Scout - Aqua Scout Water Scooter

Bare - Drysuit inflation hoses

Brownie's Third Lung - Air  Compressors both gas & electric

Dacor - Supreme Consoles

DiveAlert - DiveAlert & DiveAlert PLUS signaling devices

Divers Alert Network (DAN) - Oxygen regulators LSP 270-020 & LSP 280-020 sold in the DAN Standard, Dual, Mini, Charter, and Training Unit oxygen systems from 1985-1997

DUI (Diving Unlimited International) - AC (air control) dry suit valve

DUI (Diving Unlimited International) - Weight & Trim Systems, Classic & II 

Halcyon - Manifold handwheels

Ikelite - Battery Packs for DS 125 & DS160 produced between Sep '07 & Nov '08

Ideations Design - MH2 Mini Hammerhead subsurface signaling device

Innovative Scuba Concepts - HO110 After market regulator swivel

Innovative Scuba Concepts - High pressure braided hoses

Light & Motion Industries - Source 12 battery packs

Light & Motion Industries - SunRay Mod Light

M & J Engineering - SW-3000 Scuba mask swivels

Mares - Some dry suit inflation hoses (also see SI Tech below)

Miflex - High Pressure Braided Hoses

Nikonos (Nikon) - SB103 Underwater strobe

Ocean Technology (OTS) - Guardian full-face mask visor problem

Ocean Technology (OTS) - Guardian full-face mask exhaust diaphragm problem 

Oceanic - Pioneer Mask (purchased between Aug 24,2010 and Apr 11, 2011)

OMS (Ocean Management Systems) - Rotating cross bar manifold

OMS (Ocean Management Systems) - Surface Marker Buoys (SMB's) and Lift Bags

PADI - Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) inaccurate or missing numbers

PADI - Imperial EANx32 Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) product # 60049 v.1.2 (rev 02/03) XXXPDK7

SI Tech - Drysuit inflation hoses

Sea & Sea - Underwater strobes YS-50,YS-60, & YS-120

Sea & Sea - DX-3100 Aquapix camera

Sea & Sea - DX-860G camera (firmware update - not a recall)

Seacure - Sport mouthpieces

SeaLife - DC500 camera (firmware update - not a recall)

Sunnto - High pressure hoses (batch code 1812)

Trident - High pressure braided hoses

Trident - High pressure rubber hoses

Trident - RP73 DIN tank valve cap

US Divers - Youth Sport Diving Mask

Viking - Dry suit air inlet hose assembly

XS Scuba - Miflex High Pressure Braided Hoses