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ISC's Involvement in the Launch of the Newest ReadyDiver™ Program

Carol Cristini, owner and President of Insurance Management Service, Inc., recently announced the new ReadyDIver™ Sport Risk Management Course for the recreational diver. This announcement releases Mike Poe from his NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which precluded him from discussing his participation in this project, even with the other partners at “The Center”.

The Risk Management Program for Sport Divers took a team of fourteen contributors six months to develop. The new Sport Diver course joins the already popular ReadyDiver™ Pro course introduced in January of this year. ReadyDiver™Pro was targeted at introducing advanced risk management to the dive professional while the newest member, ReadyDiver™Sport, introduces the importance of managing risks to the recreational diver.

Steve Hale and Mike had attended the inaugural presentation of the ReadyDiver™ Pro Risk Management for Dive Professionals last year at DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) before it was launched online. 

Mike stated, “It is gratifying to see ISC being recognized as a leader in dive training to such an extent that we were asked to contribute to an important project such as this. This opportunity, along with International Diving Educators Association selecting us as one of their top training facilities nationwide, gives us satisfaction in knowing that our team of instructors are being recognized for their professionalism beyond the scope of our region.”         

Mike will be our resident ReadyDiver™ Pro for now but eventually all of our staff should become qualified to teach the course to clients preferring to take it in a classroom setting rather than the self-study course available online. 

“ISC prefers to constantly evaluate its training programs to analyze ways to create better divers as opposed to waiting to be ‘spoon fed’ some cookie cutter template that is designed to turn the most profit with the least amount of effort. The ReadyDiver program is just another tool we are able to utilize to reach our goal,” shared Mike.

Although ISC is proud that one of our own was chosen to be part of this development team our biggest reward comes from the fact we know our staff continues to turn out the most competent and confident divers around. We continue to be the alternative for those who being just good isn’t good enough.