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Reef ID Books Now Available In Digital Format

It is a rare diver or snorkeler you doesn't take an interest in wanting to know what underwater denizen they just saw. Our friends at New World Publications, for over two decades, have been offering the de facto series of reef identification books. For the fish watcher and the underwater photographer or videographer they are a must.
But for destinations requiring air travel saving weight or space in ones luggage can become an issue. That is why they have created digital copies of their most popular books.
Eliminate the weight and put their PDF eBooks on your phone, tablet or laptop and always have them with you. Perfect for cataloging your images while in the field!
(You will need to secure an Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions onto the computer or device you will be using the PDF eBooks on first. This is a one time download that can be read on up to six personal devices.)

Besides making editons available in a PDF format they have also created an Apple iBook of their most popular book Reef Fish Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas that has an additional 200 photos and 5 added species. It also includes an advanced thumbnail search feature for its 712 pages.
Please use the link below so our shop can get credit should you decide to purchase.